Searching the best 22-23" kit

I liked my victoria


I love Tacy. She’s a big 22 inches and the vinyl is soft.


@Theara Tacy look so sweet ! What size of clothing she wears ?

@342jda Victoria, I look at her, but I wasn’t sure because they said to not use glass beads in the limbs. How do you weight them ? I like my babies to be heavy. I like the fact that she has a torso.

@marleeton Tristan is too big and I am not sure who is Lin ?


I think Victoria is assembled using a rod and stretchy cord across the shoulders into the arm holes, same as the legs and the neck to the torso.
So no beads are supposed to be used so it does get into the rods, etc.

But I could be wrong


I suppose it could, but I remember them saying it has something to do with the beads working their way through the vinyl somehow. No idea how that would work, though.


So I choose Tacy, I think I will be very happy with her !
I may order Starling too later, but for now I am ok !
I am moving in June so it’s not a good idea to have too much kits…
I have a few keepers and if only I can sell the others complete babies that would be great.

Thank you very much for all you help !:blush:


I meant Mei LIn but I didn’t realize she’s 26 inches. Some sites say she’s 28in? I like Tacy the best too.


She is a beautiful kit. I think 26 " kits could wear 6 months clothes but with a narrow body.


I think she wears a size 0-3 since she’s 22 inches and big.


Yay the world needs more Tacy’s!


You’re correct. I have one and she needs rods.


I can probably get her on a 23"body realborn type, I will see.