Searching for Shyann kits


I am needing a Shyann kit, preferably 2 Shyann kits. I have been anxiously waiting for Bountiful Baby to restock them, but now the restock date has been changed to sometime in February instead of January.


I am pretty sure i have one in my stash. I can look if you still need.


Hi Crystal, I am still searching for a Shyann kit.


Ok I will go take a look and see if i can find mine If you are interested If you are in the u.s. i could do 45 shipped for you.

#5 I forgot to add I am in Cleveland Ohio 44109.
If you live close …shipping may not be so much. That price is for priority mail in u.s.


I am in northern Tennessee, so that would work perfectly if you still have one.


I also have one with eyes and full leg body however I changed the limbs she has her arms and blaze kit legs cause hers were too short for my liking I’m in California


I was able to find one in my stash is my paypal addy.


If you click the picture you can see the kit.


Crystal, you want $45 total for it, right? I will send you payment this afternoon. Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:


Crystal-- I just sent payment for the Shyann kit. Thanks again!


Do you have a picture of the Shyann with the Blaze kit legs? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello sorry for the late response yes I can put her together and take one for you


Thank you Liz
Can you please message me your mailing address .