Sealing Baby

Has anyone sealed their baby with look alive instead of thick med.? Thought id ask dont want to mess one up. Thanks in advance…Linda

I love the look alive medium. I use it straight out of the jar on a cosmetic sponge. I pounce it on thin all over as my final coat.

If you bake it when it is still wet, you will get sheen.
If you bake it when it is dry, no sheen or shine, just a matte finish.

I like to let it dry about 8-10 minutes, then bake and I get a nice light sheen to the finish and the colors of paint below really pop. I am on my second large jar.

Good luck.

Thanks Laurie, for your reply I will try it … thanks again Linda

If you bake it while wet to get the sheen, does it feel icky like matte does? I really hate the feel of matte!