Sculpty, super sculpty, sculpty III


Michaels is having a sale this week in my area on sculpty. They have sculpty III listed. I have never heard of this. Can someone tell me how it compares with the other sculpty clays? I am wanting to use clay to add features to one doll and wanted to know about this before I purchase. Also, can someone please share what they use to be sure the clay sticks to the vinyl? I know I have read it on a forum, but don’t remember which forum as I have been to many.
thanks in advance


Sculpey III is a type of polymer clay made for detailed jewelry, nice and easy to work with. It comes in a variety of colors, and is great for little figurines and “millefiori art”. I’m not sure if there’s a skin colored type, or bigger packages…

Super Sculpey and ProSculpt are the best for dolls and fairies. Prosculpt a little better.

For attaching the sculpted parts to vinyl you’ll need liquid sculpey or liquid fimo. They are safe to bake. Hope this helps!


Thank you for that info Martina and thank you for so graciously correcting my “sculpty” spelling.


I didn’t even noticed you wrote it differently LOL