Sculpting my baby


sculpting my baby Tati! coming soon


Very nice! :heart_eyes::heart:️:heart_eyes::heart:


How adorable :heart:️Great job!


Gorgeaus! Her smile reminds me of Mona Lisa’s. :slight_smile:


Is this going to be a kit that I can buy? Because as much as I don’t need more kits… I NEED this one.


Yes, It’s going to be a full silicone baby but I’m thinking about vinyl too. I 'll let you know. I already love her


Oh please do! She’s truly beautiful.


Yes she is. Working in her ears and body


Love her/him!


She’s lovely! I’m sure she’d sell well as a vinyl kit!


Wow great job!!! I sure wish i could sculpt. Sculpting is one thing im pretty sure i would not be able to master. I can draw portraits, paint reborns and paint very intricate adult paint by numbers but thats it. The adult paint by numbers has spots and numbers that really can only be seen clearly if you use a magnifier.

Edited to add:: with the paint by numbers you need a very small brush for certain spots and an extremely steady hand


I see you are a artist. Thank you for your words.


Try armatures and sculpting forms. They help starting out. I applaud anyone who can sculpt. Bravo, and like Ashley, I need this baby. Shirley Temple reborn?