Sculpting attempt, first pictures update! Limbs sculpting first picture


This baby is so gorgeous. I would buy her in a heartbeat!


Thank you so much, your word means alot to me :heart:

Still trying to find a place to do the vinyl production to me, and this is my latest baby I’m working on right now


WOW!! You are gifted!!


Really hoping you make these into kits!


What a beautiful baby! You did a really good job.


Wow, beautiful! I’d buy that kit!


Your doing amazing😍


Thank you dear :two_hearts:


Aww thank you so much :two_hearts:


Thank you :pray:t2:


I hope that too, thank you :pray:t2:


Thank you dear :two_hearts::pray:t2:


Hi every one,
Just want to share my new sculpture with you, I need your opinion please, as this is my first open eyes baby, also my first smiling one.
My third baby sculpture, I have posted above my first and second.
No plans until now about what I am gonna do with them.
Still working on that, its not yet finished


You are a natural born sculptor. Good luck with producing these in vinyl or silicone. They will be great sculpts.


He his great !
Honestly, I think eyes and ears are a bit too big. But overall, great sculpt ! You have a lot of talent !


Great work!

I think the eye lid clay looks a little thick and might need some more height on the top of the head.

I was just thinking about you yesterday when I saw another post about sculpting and sending pics to Bountiful baby. I will go grab the link so you can read it.



yes I agree with you I will fix them thanks for the note :pray:t2:


Thank you :pray:t2:


You mean the inner lid? The part of the lid that is close to the eye ball?
I am working on the head size right now, I will take your notice for sure thanks :pray:t2: