Sculpting attempt, first pictures update! Limbs sculpting first picture


That’s amazing!! You’re doing great!!


Thank you very much :heart:


WOW! Just Wow!


Pm-ing you @Ebtehal


This is amazing!! Congratulations! What a beautiful sculpt!


Thank you so much :heart:


Hi everyone
I want to share my latest update on my sculpt
Im done with both head and body, I decided to do it in silicone since vinyl production is not possible for me right now, I would really love to hear your feedback, all of you were very supportive and nice to me since I started so your opinion means alot to me.
Please don’t mind the cracks, couldn’t avoid that from happening, Im still learning

This is the head after baking and getting some color


She is beautiful!


Thank you Estelle


She is so sweet and precious. Love her face.


Amazing progress well done.
Did you follow any dvds ?
What do you use to support the heads whilst sculpting I can’t seem to find anything .


Thank you dear, I am a self touted person, Learned mostly from youtube tutorials, sculpting the face I used my hand only and a 2.5” duct tape as my stand, then I have a sculpting stand with holes on it I stuck few toothpicks in it then press my head down on that “on the neck” part it worked really good


Wow thank you for the information .Do you have a photo of the sculpting stand ? x


She is absolutely gorgeous @Ebtehal


Yes this is a picture with the brand name


Gorgeous !


She is beautiful, but I am not sure about the eyes; they need to be either totally tightly closed or if they are even slightly open, there need to be eyes.


Thanks, you are right about the eyes, I’ll try to fix that


Oh, wow! She is gorgeous!


Thank you :heart: