Sculpting attempt, first pictures update! Limbs sculpting first picture


Hi again,
Just wanted to share my sculpting journey with you
I started sculpting my first hand, so far so good and I am really excited about how realistic to looks to me :blush:
Would really love to hear your opinion reborn family :heart:


Great job!


Wow! Fantastic!


Thanks :heart:


You are doing a fantastic job!! :slight_smile: are you making this into a kit? Just for fun?


Here are some updated pictures for my progress, I had to quit using monster clay because Im afraid I might lose that work if any accident happens since I am using the soft grade of monster clay and that gets really soft and oily when holding for long time, so I switched super sculpy, the only issue that I had working with supersculpy is that it catches my tshirt fuzzies and it looks dirty, other than that it’s very easy to work with.
My new head :point_down:

Arms :point_down:


Would love to make it into a kit, but I think its not an easy thing to do as a biggner, thinking about production cost and marketing make me not so into that yet, I might make it a full silicone or a silicone kit, I dont know yet, I really need opinions about what to do next


Thank you granny :heart:


It looks fantastic!


Looks great! Perfect little fingers!


Thank you deedee :heart:


Wow! Some people are naturals!! I will buy if you mass produce!!


Amazing- you are talented!


Very cute face. I really like it.


Aww that is really supportive, thank you :heart:
The thing is that I have no idea how to produce and where to sell, this is my very first try to sculpting ever I started it just for fun but it went great, what is next? I really dont know!!


Thank you :heart:


Thank you :heart:


Holy guacamole!! I can’t believe this is your first time! You are amazing!!!


LOL I was amazed by the result too honestly I did not expect that this would be my outcome


It looks awesome!