Sculpting attempt, first pictures update! Limbs sculpting first picture


Hi there, I am trying to make ny first sclupt reborn baby and doing really great on it, would love to show my sclupt to you once I am done, just was wondering if ever I wanted to reproduce my sclupt into vinyl kit is that easy to do?
Is there any manufacturing for that in UK?
I have been searching for that online and did not seem to find any factory in UK yet, I don’t want to reproduce my sculpture in China because of the copyright issues.
Also what do you think about doing it in full silicone or vinyl kit?
Any help please!


There are some companies in EU that do that, but they are expensive. I think, as a new sculptor, you might find it very difficult to sell your kits if they have the European price tags, and even the Chinese manufacturers are putting their prices up. Unless you are worldwide well known top reborn artists. There is so many people producing kits nowadays. There are several coming out every week.

I think going to China is your only option.


Let’s see your sculpt when it is finished. If you don’t want to go to china then it seems that you need to get just the right person to look at it. Good luck and always believe in your dreams.


would love to see your sculpt!


Hi again,
This is my sculpt that is not finished yet, but I would love to know what do you guys think about it, this is my very first attempt to do a sculpt in my life


Congratulations looks like Sculpting is your thing, he or she is perfect.


Awww thanks, that is very encouraging


Fantastic for your very first try!!! And can you imagine how amazing your sculptures will be when you produce more of them!! Great work!! :smiley: :heart::heart:


Thank you for your kind words :heart:


Id buy it wow!


Thanks granny this means alot to me :heart:


Your very talented,and your welcome.:wink:


Amazing first try!! Way better than my first lol. Keep it up. :+1:


Definitely way better than my first attempt. Or my second or third. Lol Keep up the good work!


Same… Wayyyyy better than my first, second, or third. And my forth was a sloth cause baby human is not my calling right now. LOL :wink:


Izzy, dollypardon jlesser lol that was not the easiest thing to do, mine also went through lots of fails until it ended up like this, it needs practice heavily.


One thing I think you should do is smooth out the top eye crease and make it not as deep. I can see other people rooting lashes in the wrong spot if it were in vinyl. :wink:


Yeah you are right, I will do that :+1:


I edited the eyelid crease, forhead and made her cheeks more chubby


You are doing great! You are a natural!! :grin: