Sculpting a mini

I have been working on this mini baby for about 2 weeks. It’s always exciting to learn something new. This is my first mini baby and also my very first full body. I have to say I have to give these sculptors credit this was not an easy task. Hopefully it gets easier as it goes. Let me know what you think


Very cute baby and you did an amazing job . Way to go !!

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Thank you

Looks great!!

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I have sculpted mini babies and totally agree. It is way harder than I ever imagined.

You did good!

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Thank ypu

I am super impressed, you are doing great! Will you be making a silicone baby from the mold?

Absolutely love it.

I won’t even try!! Great job!! I’m impressed!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well I am impressed! You are doing good!

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Wow! You definitely have talent!

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Thank you guys. I’m still pretty new at this. Hoping to get better as I go.

That looks great!
Did you follow any tutorials?

Wow, this baby is so pretty. Are you going to have kits made? I think it would be wonderful to know how to sculpt and you are so good at it.

Love her little mouth! So cute!

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@deedee2413 I I actually tried to follow a tutorial but it made me more confused than I was to start with so I just kind of winged it. Someone gave me a chart that has the proportions on it so that helped tremendously. @pattyabe this baby I will probably cell to another artist to make into a silicone kit. I am working towards being able to do a vinyl kit but at right now I do not feel like I am there yet .

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