Scratches on faces

How do some of you apply the little scratch marks on faces? Some of them I see even look a little raised to me. I’d like to try it on one of my babies…any help would be appreciated!

I was hoping someone answered you; I’d like to know too! Maybe this bump will help!

I would like to know too. I am about ready to start a baby for Robin and I want the baby to have a large scrape on her knee. Maybe it is done with a thickening medium???

I use a toothpick and pick up some of the appropriate red/ blush color and scrape where you want the scratch. Then with a clean toothpick I clean up the sides. This gives a muted red color that is naturally on the perimeter of a wound and makes the scratch narrow. It will be raised a bit. Hope that make sense.

When I do mine I just do them with a brush…I use BB pre mixed warm blush, only thing I have found it is good for.