Scored on cable ties...finally!

I’ve decided that reborning is an obsession since every store I go into, I end up looking for baby things or something for the dolls. I finally found thin cable ties for sale at Dollar Tree after looking for them forever. I hate paying big bucks when I know they are out there somewhere. I got three packs of thirty in each pack so I am set forever…well, until I go back on Monday and get more while I can. I hate the string ties and I end up having to replace the cable ties if I make changes to a doll. So doing the happy dance! And making my “kids” and neighbors just shake their heads and wonder about my sanity. Who knew what a high you could get from cable ties!!!

That’s wonderful! The only ones I’ve ever found outside of the doll supply orders are too thick. To find those extra narrow and long ties is a great find!

— Begin quote from “Ginnylee”

That’s wonderful! The only ones I’ve ever found outside of the doll supply orders are too thick. To find those extra narrow and long ties is a great find!

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Me too! Very thick compared to what comes in the bodies from BB or Carmen… The head is really big on the ones I have seen, but I will,sure check Dollar Tree… I love a bargain

I just returned from the dollar tree. I found the thin cable ties but they were 7.5" long. Too short to go around heads and big legs but perfect for arms. I will use these to secure arms and the long expensive ones I get online for heads and legs.

I compared them to the BB ties I have so everyone would have an idea of what they are. They are 11" long which is about 3" shorter. That is okay with me because I rarely do any dolls over 22" and I always have a lot to cut off. They feel and look to be the same thickness so are still really flexible. They are slightly wider but still fit in the body with plenty of room to spare which was a big concern. The head on them is different too. It is the typical box end found on a cable tie. Also bigger than on BB’s but I really don’t think it will be different enough to bug me. I make more dolls for myself or to give away than to sell so any savings helps…plus I never can find the things when I need them so this way I can have a couple of bundles in different places I figure they will be used in other places around here too so overall, I’m happy!

Sorry you weren’t able to find the longer ones. I popped the head, arms and legs off a baby the other day without breaking the ties (don’t ask!) so I just wrapped one of the 11" ones in a circle around to see if it would work. I have about 3" left so yes, the 8" is probably too short for the head but should work on the legs. I’m using the body from Gena who is having a spa day! Facial, arms and legs!

Wow, that’s a great deal!! : ) I’ll have to check the Dollar Tree here! Thanks for sharing! : )

I found the 11" ones at another Dollar Tree in a neighboring town. I bought 21 packages! The heads are not too large and will work for me. Thank you for the tip,

And I thought I was being bad buying 3 packages! I thought I’d never use them all since I usually get bodies from Carmen with cable ties. Guess I should see if they have more tomorrow when I go to town!

I forgot to get more or I’d offer you some. I’ll check for them when I get back to town and hope they aren’t out of them. Too bad they don’t carry them but you might try to see if the manager can order them if you want a large quantity.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m going to try and get some today. I love this forum.

I picked up more last night so if you can’t find them, let me know. I love this forum too! Plus I think it’s important to keep it going for new reborners. It’s one of those first steps into the obsession! I wish I could find out how many reborners came here for instructions when they first started. No way to poll it since so many come here and then leave or they read but don’t comment. So the question will always aggravate me!!!

Oh, wow, I’m checking $ Tree this morning!

The way I found this forum is: I bought a dvd on reborning babies off ebay and it had a coupon in it so i placed an order and i was hooked…lol. I’ve always liked making dolls,cabbage patch, pouty babies but i like these the best. Linda
Im gonna ck out $ tree also but the closest one to me is 20 mi. ago but we’re getting one in our town come Nov. so i may just wait.