I have a facebook page for my reborns and every now and then I get a message saying something like “My daughter has a terminal illness and the only thing she wants is a reborn baby doll”. There are different variations of this, but that’s the idea. I always tell them that I’m very sorry for their problems/illness/etc, but I cannot afford to give a doll away. I do donate to nursing homes and to local cancer drawings Does anyone else encounter this or something similar?

Yes all of the time! On Facebook in emails, in phone calls. I haven’t ran across one legitimate person who uses this excuse. My experience with people that are going through something 99% of the time they do not ask for anything.

I’ve kind of learned my lesson right here where I live. I, too, always try to help when I can. When a little girl from a very low income family was hurt in a bicycle accident, I bought a big teddy bear for her and brought it to her house. A few months later the little girl told me she was having a garage sale that weekend and was selling the bear I bought for her, because she really didn’t like it. Sooooo…ok… I know, I know, this was just one little girl. I will keep on giving, but I will be prepared to possibly not being appreciated!

I often post my babies locally, and you wouldn’t believe the number of people who ask for a freebie: no sob story, no apologies - just a blatant, ‘oh, by the way, could I have that for free? I really want one.’ I’m very tempted to respond by saying, ‘No, I’m afraid you can’t. But my house is really dirty. Would you mind coming over and cleaning it for free? It really needs it’! One of these days . . .

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When they come clean your house, send them my way! I’ve given some dolls away to friends but it is hard to understand why total strangers would believe you would just give them a doll. I mean, do they write people who have listings for other stuff too and try to get free tvs or computer games or any of the other bjillion items ebay sells or facebook lists? If so, and they were sucessful at talking people out of things then they have a real scam going!