Saturday's Doll Show - Pic Intense


I was in a doll show yesterday and as always had a great time. It was super busy so I didn’t get many pictures taken. Sweetie started out helping me but got hammered with a migraine so he went home but my son stayed to help me. I sold 2 dolls and in this economy I was tickled. I also got several custom orders that people want closer to Christmas. I made a goal to sell 2 and I met that goal. Here are the few pictures I was able to take and pictures of the 2 new mommies.


Congratulations! I bet it was a fun day! Is that Sweetie ducking out of the pictures? Too bad he had a headache.


How fun! Congratulations on a successful day.


Thanks ladies, it was a lot of fun. Ton’s of dolls there, some really old ones. There were over 50 tables of doll there.
Sweetie had his head down because his head was hurting. This was just before the show started. He left shortly after this picture was taken.


sorry about the hubbys headache, but so glad you had 2 sales.looks like fun and alot of work,.,


Congrats on the sales. Looks like you had a good time. Sorry about your husband though, Hope he feels better.

Hugs Tina


Congrats on your sales!!! Your set up looks great! I love the table top baby bed! Oh, to be in a room full of dollies!
Sorry to sweetie, migraines blow!


Great pictures and beautiful babies.
Congratulations on your sales!

I like your table top bed, too. My hubby made me one like that. He painted it white.


You have some really adorable babies…nice to see the two babies with their new mommies!
I love the table topper, what a great idea…I’m fairly new to this so I’ve never seen one before. Very nice…& congratulations on your sales & contacts.



Sounds like you had fun. Congrats on your sales. So sorry hubby didn’t feel well I hate migraines.


Congrats on selling two babies Gina, that is awesome!!
Looks like it was alot of fun, I soooo want to do a show someday!!!


Congratulations on your sales! It looks like a bunch of fun!


Congrats on your sales and I love your set up. I’ve never done a doll show, but it looks like fun!


Congrats on your sales! Im doing one this Saturday and will also be happy if I sell two, or three, or four. LOL OK Im pushing it.


What sweet babies!! How nice you took a picture of the babies going home! My eyes teared up when I saw the ladies!! I love your babies!! They are so sweet!!


Precious babies! Congrats on your sales too! The lady’s look happy to have them.