Satin Varnish on lips?


Hey everyone, I have a quick question. This is my first reborn I’ve created, and have made a plethora of mistakes along the way, and learned what worked best, however, lips have me stumped! I put on the satin varnish last night, and baked the baby today, but it came out looking powdery (not enough thinning medium?) And when I went to buff the varnish to see if it would improve the situation, it took off the paint with it. Yes, I’ve cured it properly. Yes I mixed the varnish with the thinner and a little of the lip color. So my question is, what am I doing wrong, because I cant figure this part out, and the baby has already been stripped down and repainted twice before this. Maybe that is the problem? Need help!! Thank you on advance :slightly_smiling_face:


If I’m not mistaken, when you use the satin varnish, it has to be baked 3 times. Some artist mix the satin with matte to seal the kit. I’ve never used satin just on the lips. You can just strip the lips n redo them. What was you going for when you used the satin varnish on the lips. I’ve read of artist using the glazing gel on the lips. I have some, but have never used it.


Most people use an air dry gloss on the lips and areas they want to have a ‘wet’ look. I haven’t heard anyone using satin varnish. If your varnish is still powdery looking did you bake it three times? Sorry you are having trouble.


I did not bake three times! Is that something you do with all varnish? I was using satin to make them soft looking, but not glossy… more realistic I guess? I’ve been intently studying my friends newborn, and noticed they look more like a satin texture. Goodness this process has been tedious, but so fun! And I’m learning :sweat_smile: I’m eating my words about properly curing. :rofl:


I bought some Satin Modge Podge and I have to say, I love it! Now, I don’t know how it holds up over time because Ive only tried it once so far, but I love the look it gave the lips and nails. It also dried really quickly.


The GHSP matte and satin varnishes need baked 2-3 times to cure.

I mix the 2 when I varnish the doll. I do not add thinner or thinning medium. Just the varnishes and sometimes a paint to tint and matches the skin tones.
I bake, cool, flip, bake, cool and normally it is cured at that point. I use Alene’s paper glaze to gloss the lips it air dries. I pat it with my finger to matte it a little so it isnt so shiny.


Do you know if the air dry holds up to a lot of wear?


I have used the paper glaze for over 3 years and never had an issue. I have my first 4 dolls here and the lips (and nails) look the same as they did. They are my kids’ and get played with like normal dolls.


@jlesser have you tried mod podge paper glaze?


I have not.


Huh, I’ve never knew I had to bake the final matte layer more than once … although adding eyebrows probably took care of that. Never had a problem with it when I didn’t. As for lips, I’ve only used air dry. I would think it was too thick of a layer. If only the lips came off, you shouldn’t have too much problem putting them back on. Getting flesh to match is a nightmare. As for redoing kits, I had a few at the first that I finally gave up on and just started a new kit. But at the time I was using BB’s seconds kits so under $20. Trying out different paints some of which didn’t work out…hoping I can get started back without starting over. My advice is if you get to the point you are just frustrated instead of enjoying it, put it in a box for later and start a new kit. Especially if you are just starting out. It will still be there after you get a few under your belt…well, unless you burn one like me! Or turn it orange accidentally…and yes, some air dry paint never comes off. Gotta love BB for always having something on sale so I could learn!


So here she is after stripping the lips and starting over on them.