Saskia WIP need color wash advice

I’m using Waterborne Air Dry Paints. I want to achieve more of a toddler look on my saskia kit. Do I need a purple wash on her? I really want her to look more smooth and peach toned.

Thanks :blush:


Cutie Patootie!

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Thank you :blush:

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Looks good! I use Waterborne too. I like using the warm blush wash. I also use a mix of pale rose, soft white and sienna in place of flesh. I do a purple mottle instead of a wash. Thats what I used on the 7month June I just finished and a Tibby I’m currently working on.

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Thanks. I have standing Tibby on my wish list. I think I may just add a couple more flesh layers, blushing and do the lips and nails and then seal her.