Sara Ann


Here is my latest newborn… Sara Ann


Awww! She is adorable! I love her complexion it looks great with her sweet outfit.


Thanks! Her outfit is an actual VINTAGE Carters. The original stuff from way back when! I completely love it. It is part of a 3 piece layette I bought from a very nice lady on Etsy.


You did a really nice job on her!!


Marcy, she looks terrific! Great job, i admire your work!


— Begin quote from “LittleMama”

Marcy, she looks terrific! Great job, i admire your work!

— End quote

Aww, thank you. That means alot to me!! I appreciate the feedback (from everyone !)


She is really pretty and you did her good, especially I like the way you did the eyelashes. When people use those needles that grab a bunch of hairs, it sort of ruins the eyelashes. Your’s looks like one at a time but quite a few of them.


Beautiful baby, Marcy!




She is beautiful!! Great job on the coloring and hair!!! You also made her creases the perfect color. They look just like shadowed skin. PERFECT!!!


Which kit is she? She’s adorable.


— Begin quote from “GinB”

Which kit is she? She’s adorable.

— End quote

She is Sarah sculpted by Kim Van de Wetering.
Thanks everyone for the nice feedback (especially about her shadowed creases)


aww~ what a sweet little face!
i agree with all the compliments said before me


She is really really pretty!!! great job!!


You have done another beaytiful baby!!! Skintone is awsome!


She is precious! I love her skin tones. Great job!


She is beautiful