Sanya by G. Legler - She can pull that look even bald!


What I precious cutie! She can pull that look even bald!


She’s really cute. Figures she’s a LE. I can’t get her right now.


I was thinking about getting her, but I wanted to see her limbs first.


She is sooo adorable I may have to eventually get her!


Here’s a picture of her limbs :heart_eyes:


I was going to order her, but the jawline is really “square” so I am thinking I will probably pass. However, at Dolls by Sandy, the pre-order deposit is only $10.00.


Thank you for the full body pic. I agree, that after seeing this angle of her face it her jaw is very Square. I think I’m going to pass, too.


I like the clay version but not the vinyl. I do not think it transferred well.
This is the photo that made me decide I would not be getting the kit due to the jaw


I still think she’s adorable. Some real babies have square jawlines.


I think she is quite realistic. She looks to me like she has some really full cheeks.


Y’all don’t be hatin’ on those square jaw babies. My Caedmon has a square jaw. :heart_eyes:


I was just looking at her on Dolls So Real. I think she’s adorable. I’ve seen babies hold their jaws like this when they’re teething. I like her.


Here she is with Caedmon and @starlasims. Caedmon is the kid I birthed who looks just like my sister instead of me. :roll_eyes:

Seeing the square jaw may have turned some of y’all away from the kit. But all it did was draw me closer. I love it. :heart_eyes:


That’s a perfect match for Caedmon. Are you going to do a portrait baby of him?


I don’t know. There are a few kits that look like various stages of Caedmon. But I like this little smiling face.


I think she’s adorable, but not sure I want to put another awake kit in my stash. I’m hoping Gudrun will sculpt a sleeper next time. Her awake ones have such personality, though.


I just pre-ordered her…she is adorable. When is she scheduled to be released?


My square jawed fella some 17 years ago.


He’s adorable.


I love this kit. I think it’s adirabke!