Samuel went home today


Thank you to everyone who prayed for Samuel when he arrived on June 1st at 26 weeks and 2 days. He went home today. I hope the picture shows correctly. If it doesn’t, I’ll repost from the computer. Samuel will be on a little oxygen for a while, because his home is at a higher elevation than the hospital.


Samuel is my niece’s son.


Yay! Fantastic.


Yay!!! He is so handsome, glad he is finally able to go home!


Aww. He’s precious. He looks strong and healthy now. Praise God! :heart:️️


Precious baby . He looks healthy . Get stronger little one


He is absolutely gorgeous. And those cheeks! He is doing amazing.


What a pretty baby. :blush:


Anyone else stare at him studying his veins and hair pattern? I feel like I do this way too often


Happy hes home. Hes a handsome little guy


Congrats on your NIU graduate! Hope him and mommy are doing just fine together at home!! Just a friendly reminder, flu season is near. Most places offer vaccines 9/1. Very highly recommended for anyone around him to be vaccinated( I’m an OB/newborn nurse). He’s cute as a button!! Wishing healthy and much happiness to them!!


He’s adorable!! So thankful that he is strong enough to come home. :heart:


That’s good to hear. Looks like he is doing well too.
He reminds me of BB’s Isaac. May make a good portrait baby.


Wow. That IS a good match! :flushed::heart:️️


Thank you. I’ll mention it to my niece.


How wonderful God bless him :heart:


That does look a lot like him. I also see Tink.


Yes for sure.


That’s wonderful that he is finally getting to go home!! He looks good and healthy now. Both of the kits listed would make great matches for him!!