Sabrina Rose by Ping Lau

Has anyone preordered ow will be preordering Sabrina Rose? I think she’s such a pretty baby and I’m thinking about pulling the preorder trigger once again : :hushed: She’s got that 1/2 lower torso body like Ping Lau’s Charlotte and I wondered about your experiences with it. Do her legs pose well, is she stiff at all?


Can’t answer your question but loving your profile pic! :smiley:


lol thank you :smile:

I’ve been considering pushing that button myself, but keep trying to decide if she looks “dolly”.

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some of the photos I’ve seen look very dollish, while others look incredibly life-like. I guess she’s one of those sculpts that could go either way depending on who’s painting her.
She looks very lifelike to me on this photo, it’s from the prototype that was on sale on Ebay


On the half torso bodies, I wonder why they make it on the lower half instead of the upper half? Is there a reason for that?

Does she have to go on the half torso body?

Yeah, because her legs are made onto the bottom half of the torso.
It says she’s made like the Charlotte kit was. I was hoping to find someone who had Charlotte to see what they thought about that torso construction.


I love this kit but do not like the torso at all. Would not buy the kit if it cannot be bought without the torso. I have no interest in painting genitals or belly buttons.


This ebay photo is the one that made me think about getting her.

I’m with Helen she looks very dolly :disappointed:

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Yeah I just don’t know about the torso thing. I wish I knew who on here had the princess charlotte kit and could tell me about the legs.

Yeah thats the one that made go look at her further.


What a beautiful kit :heartpulse:

Get her, so I won’t be the only one lol


When does she come out for preorder?

Her pre-order already opened at Irresistibles. I haven’t checked anywhere else though.

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@sweetiepieapril did a prototype of Charlotte and said she poses well!

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I did these prototype versions of Sabrina Rose and Princess Charoltte. Although they have the full sculpted lower torso it’s not as stiff as you would think. The vinyl is super soft and almost as soft and flexible as silicone but without the floppiness like silicone. Then she comes with this really neat upper cloth body that is jointed at the torso so it makes for great posing possibilities :wink:



You all are making it really hard for me to say no to her. Lol

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