Russian mohair

Would anyone have some Russian hair (Olga on Etsy) that wouldn’t mind sending me? I ordered copper blonde for June, but my customer wanted “cinnamon” and I didn’t order enough of that one. I’m looking for “cinnamon” and/or “chocolate”

I can order more and have it sent to you…I just need it ASAP and can’t wait a month

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I checked my order from Olga and this is what I have.
Let me know if those colors are close to what you are looking for, however I am not sure how much shipment to Canada might be.

No, it’s not the same colours, thanks anyway!

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Write to her and see if she has any in stock and she may be able to rush shipping.

Ty! I did yesterday, and she said she would rush the order :slight_smile:


Be careful with the hair. I ordered Cinnamon for Charlotte Eagles and when I rshampooed the hair (I always test hair when it’s not from my usual supplier like Slumberland), and the dye ran. Not a whole lot. Once it runs, it won’t stop from what I’ve heard/read. I’m not sure if putting the hair in a vinegar bath on simmer would stop it from running or not.

I don’t have cinnamon from her either, so glad she is getting some sent out to you.