Ruby Red Mohair

I am thinking about ordering some Ruby Red Mohair from BB but have
never used it before and was wondering what everyone that has used it
thnks of it.Also please post pictures of your babies done with RRM,I would like to see how the colors look after rooting.Thanks Cathy

It’s okay…straight and soft, but it doesn’t like to lie down, even if it’s directionally rooted.

Karen did you use the dk brown on sera?

This is their RED on my Shyanne. It laid down for me!! I got alot of compliments on this doll’s hair. I also have done some in their straignt blonde and brown. I never too pics, but the hair worked great on that too.

I really love the ruby red mohair…the dark brown at least! Here are some babies I have rooted with it. Hope this helps!!

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Kim,The fourth picture down is that the ash blond?Cathy

Ive used it too, thats it on my siggy baby. I noticed it seems to POOF some but just gelled it and put a stocking over her head to dry. Trains it well.

Yes it is the darker blond color…I like the dark brown the best though!!