Rowan body...arms and legs are farther to front or back?


The neck tie looks like it should be in the back and that places where the arms and legs mount past the side seam. Is that correct or do I have the legs and arms on backward???





normally the tie is in back, I usually sew a small dart in front because they seem so wide. hope that helps


I think you have the body the right way


Ties go in the back, it looks weird till you get it all together. I sew the front tummy part so that it is flatter than the back.


It’s correct but unfortunately some bodies are made weird and don’t look right! It’s true. The libby body is another one that is really weird too


The same bodies are recommended for multiple sized babies and are disproportionate no matter how you put them on. The arm caps are way too big and too far back. The neck opening is huge and bunches up around the neck. No real baby is built like this. Clothes don’t fit right, either. You can see the bulging biceps under the sleeves and the puffed out chest under everything.


Yeah not a huge fan of most bodies here… Either the torso is too short for the babies or they look like they are trying out for football! The only exception would be the realborn body i purchased for my RealBorn Kase. I actually love that body but that doesn’t help your case as its a completely different size. I have yet to find a body that i truly like for 3/4 limbs it may be out there somewhere though! Lol :slight_smile:


I love the Realborn bodies. They’re proportionate to size and well made. I wish there were more sizes in the styles they have.


Thank you for all the input~ I thought maybe it was just me! haha Yes, I love the real born bodies and wish the others were better fitting and more realistic. I think I will take her apart and do some alterations!!! Also I love gathered tushes and chests on the real born bodies!!! May have to start making my own! ugh