Round Robin update

I know that there are some packages in the mail. Hopefully people will be getting them within the next few days. What I need to know is if the following people have mailed their packages? Thank you


Please let me know if you have shipped or if you are having trouble with your Round Robin.


I’m kind of nervous, USPS says mine was delivered (took it only a week!), but my partner didn’t post she got it yet. It was three days ago when I checked - it should have been received by now…

Thanks, Tiffany. It is sometimes hard to keep up because sometimes things get posted in so many places. That’s why I post just to make sure.

Martina, I will send a message to her to find out.

Mine was shipped about 2 weeks ago and has been received by littlebabies480.

yes i mailed early so that moniqu could have her package for her birthday

Kim. i posted my R.R. package from LittleMama here in baby talk on June 15th. Oops did i post in the wrong spot?

Just received mine from Neise’s Nursery!

I love, love, love everything I’ve got!!! Gotta open a new post with pics

Thanks, everyone. I know people have posted but the posts are strung out over such a long time and you know how they get lost in the list. Just don’t want anyone to be without.