Roughed Up baby #1

You all told me not to rough up any babies but I did just a SMIDGEN, …I really do like how she turned out ( isn’t assembled yet) but want outside opinions…wait, HONEST outside opinions, sugar coating is NOT neccessary just say it like you see it!! TIA!!
She will be a twin to Max very soon …


Your baby is really cute !!!

THANK YOU for your honesty and opinons I TRULY do appreciate them…

I gotta go look at those creases now!!!

Oh, what i meant by “roughing up” was not the peaches and cream type complexion I normally go for!

that baby is beautiful very well done

She’s beautiful. Her mottling and her eyebrows look great.

I think she is perfection and I love the skin tones. Samiah is such a tiny sculpt so the rough complexion does compliment her very well.
You should teach classes on Reborning Samiahs

I love her and your work!

I already told you she was gorgeous!! But you could change her hair to a different style and lighten her lips. But that is also personal preference!

Thanks for all the great tips and advice ladies!

Her hair will be styled differently, its just slicked back/over because it has conditioner on it and I didnt want it getting on her forehead …I need to trim the top still as well

Kim, she has that nice newborn look. Great job as alway’s.

She’s gorgeous and I don’t mind the “comb-over”!

— Begin quote from “rose481”

She’s gorgeous and I don’t mind the “comb-over”!

— End quote

    Thanks Rose!!       

Hey Kim, how do you get that hair line on the sides of her head? That’s one area that scares me…I know you don’t just want a “drop-off” if you get my drift!

I just made it thinner in that area by leaving a little bit bigger space between each hair there so there isnt much of a defined line…

She’s beautiful!

Kim, I think she is just gorgeous! I love the texture of her skin, her mottling and that newborn look. I think you have achieved what you were
going for and more. Her skin depth is awesome and so realistic. She truly looks like a tiny newborn right down to the lip color. Great Job!

she is very pretty, good job

She too is stunning Kim, With that hair style she looks like a little boy. Awesome work.

          Hugs Tina

I love the lip color, I think it fits her perfectly! And the mottling is very realistic. While all of your babies are beautiful, this one is just a touch more realistic and newbornish looking than your babies made with your classic techniques. I love her and I can’t wait to see her all finished!

She is pure perfection! Fantastic as always. I LOVE your babies. I hope someday I will be fortunate enough to get one of your babies. Your tops to me! I love her mottled skintone and coloring. Her hair is beautifully rooted and designed. I’m sure she do well for you. I can hardly wait to see her finished. Blessings.Connie