ROSE, where to stay?

For those of you who do the ROSE show, where do you stay? I am going to try booking a room soon and I want to be sure I have more than 2 options, in case one is sold out etc.

I may be brining a little with me (7 y/o) and I will be vending.



Red circles are close hotels/motels
Green is restaurants
Blue is target (groceries)
Micheals is in between
Big red circle is the conference center and attached hotel


Dangggggg Lesser, your a genie for reals!


I use Airbnb while traveling. You can rent a room or an entire place.

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Im booked at the Holiday inn express

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I know! That girl has it all down! If she doesn’t know a doll sculpt, it probably doesn’t exist! :slight_smile:


That’s a FACT !!! :grinning:

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OMG! you are amazing! You have skills, maybe next year ROSE will hire you. I wish they provided the level of information that you have over the last couple years.

Oh and thank you !


Damn the Hilton said its booked solid. I am wondering if it is safe to wait for a cancellation. I would like to be close so I can move and set up easily…

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They sell out very fast. I am sure there will be cancellations but may be hard to catch one. This year most people had to pay a $145 fee to reserve their rooms for 2020, so not sure how many will cancel… I am not sure if it is refundable.

When I went in 2016 we were at the holiday inn, we had to cross the highway but it wasn’t bad at all!