Rose Show roll call (well sorta)


I’m going


Can you, ROSE ladies-exhibitors, get together and take a picture all together for all of us who cannot go? And a picture of your booth and babies. And lots of, lots of, lots of other pictures…


I definitely plan on taking lots of pictures and would love a group photo if everyone else wants to take one! :slight_smile:


I agree with all the other ladies that cant go. I would love to see lots of pictures of all you ladies, your babies, your booths etc…


I will try to do better with pictures. Last year I barely took any. I think I had first time vendor jitters. Lol


I’m going - will be my 5th year. Am taking Jackie Kramer’s rooting class and just hanging out with my friends. Can’t wait.


I look forward to meeting you in class @californiateri


I will try to catch some video to share, it won’t be live but it will be as close as I can get.


I so wish I could go to Rose. However, I may actually have items there since an artist requested I sew up clothing for all her babies she is taking. I have no idea what table she is, but I will let you guys know!


You can check the rose website exhibitor list (hopefully the link works. I am on my phone)


They still have me under Eleven Morning. That is my email and the name of my studio. I have sent two request with corrections…grrrr… maybe they are just super busy, I can’t imagine how much work goes into an event like this.


How cool is that?

Tell me the booth number when you get it and I will try to video the babies.


Maybe @AnnDee66 can help you get it changed.


Thanks I sent over a new request, it isn’t critical, I can be patient.

Thank you so much.


Thank you! I will let you know for sure, for now the artist and I are still ironing things out! I really hope things go well! I was honored that she reached out to me!


Did they release the kit of the year yet? Just wondering what the new rose kit will be



Thank you. Your the best


What does Jasmine look like?


They have not added any pics yet so I do not know