ROSE shipping, freight, info?

Ladies who have done ROSE, ladies who have the scoop because you help put this baby party, happiness, shenanigans event on.

I was planning on driving. I don’t want to but it is 11 hours if I don’t stop for gas station hot dogs and pee breaks. I can go without one, you guess which one.

I thought I could pull a little u-haul trailer with all my vendy-stuff. I don’t have a booth only a table but I am one of those ladies who has a band-aid, Tylenol, a pocket knife, a novel, a roll of quarters, a spare beach towel…in my purse. I am kinda like a boycott, preparedness makes me happy.

I am thinking about flying but worried about freight and time away, summers are super busy for me. I don’t want to assemble dolls at the show, I am picky, slow and don’t need the stress. I don’t want to do a Target run the day of to put together a display, my idea of torture.

I am wondering what my options are for sending babies and display stuff ahead in a couple big boxes? Is there an address to send them, is there a holding bay for things sent ahead? How to do that? Has anyone shipped freight via the airport before? Has anyone just paid to bring extra gigantic suitcases full of babies, is it expensive?

I am going to have to streamline things and bring less than I intended but I certainly don’t want to have to drive up prices to recoup what I paid to ship babies to the show.

If I just do suitcases I will have to come naked and bring ten babies… no one wants to see that.

HELP! (planning ahead…way ahead, just the way I operate)

Oh and what kind of payment options does everyone do? PP VENMO, square?


@bountifulbaby, @AnnDee66

Honestly, I’m 12 hours away without stopping. It’s way worth driving. The freedom of what to bring, when to stop, being on your own time, choosing it all is way worth it taking less time
Plus, you’re able to go and do what you need to during the show. You Aren’t limited to what’s around the conference center.


You are so funny! I’ve been picturing this in my mind and giggling since I’ve red that :rofl::rofl::rofl: And I am sure many people would like to see that! You are in a great shape, hot mama of 6 y.old!

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I shipped 10 babies last year and I believe the cost was about $250.I used UPS ground. I figure $250 divided by 10 is $25 per doll. I spend more than that for shipping when I mail them off individually.

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Good way of making it make sense. I have a really big suitcase I can for ten babies in and I can check one bag for free…

I am weighing all the options, I sure hate driving and the drive I will have is less than exciting!

Where are you coming from?

Your drive has to be funner than mine. Lol.
I get 5 hours of nothing… pretty boring


I did the suitcase one year. I could only fit 6 without going over the allowed weight. They open the suitcase and unwrapped one baby. They didn’t the wrap her as carefully and it messed up the eyelashes and I had to redo them on one eye in the hotel.

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Northern Ca. Its eleven hours of nothing…Nevada isn’t my favorite place to stop and rest.

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Personally I’d drive. You can bring everything you want to bring, no worries of your babies getting lost in the mail or damaged by TSA, and you’ll have a vehicle to get around during the show if you need to drive somewhere.


I know you are right, just wish it wasn’t so loooooooong…I hate driving. If I had a self driving car I could watch movies, sleep, do emails, watch some Masterclass and learn to write a novel or fly a plane but 11 hours with my foot on the gas with no where yummy to stop for good food and fun things (unless you like casinos and I don’t). I am being a big baby and trying to find a short cut. it is 2020 where is my bullet train and hover board damn it!


Could you rent a car to get there and fly back? After having sold all your dolls, of course.

I borrowed audio books from the library. It really helped with my alertness.

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