Rose Rubert now baby Riley


Pictures taken in late day light with a little bit of artificial light.

I know his hair is in no way realistic lol but it’s definitely better than my first 2 attempts at painted hair (the first is forever hidden under a hat and the second baby got stripped and redone with rooted hair) so I’m learning :smile: I have dyspraxia (it goes along with Autism for some of us) so detailed work like hair is difficult lol my brain knows what it wants each brush stroke to do but getting my hands to follow that is like herding cats :smiley: the pictures don’t really show his blushing very well lol he’s not nearly as pale as these make him look and his eyebrows are a bit darker too.


I think you did a good job! It is not easy to make a reborn. I think people who are buyers do not realize how much work it takes. At least yours is done now and you can enjoy him.


So glad you have him finished and put together :slight_smile: Enjoy him!