ROSE doll show waiting list ? 2019 Extra ticket?


Hey everyone !
This will be my first time attending the Rose doll show 2019 . I have been wanting to go since forever ! So i have a dilemma . I brought a ticket for the banquet and i went back the next day to get my brother a ticket but they were all sold out! Does rose have a waiting list? Or does someone have a ticket they wont be able to use i could pay for ? The banquet is at night so i dont want to travel that late by myself in a state i havent been to before ! Not sure what to do? Should i just give up my ticket? Thanks appreciate any help i can get . Or if some one is able to swap tickets for another event is that possible ? Thanks not sure how this all works


I believe they do have a waiting list. Are you doing a day trip? Just hang on to your ticket. If another one doesn’t turn up you can probably sell it. I bought my banquet and baby shower tickets as soon as they were available because I know how fast they sell out. Now I’m trying to get the money together for everything else. I’m coming from California so I need air fare, hotel and shuttles


Thanks i found i ticket dome people did refunds so now they have tickets open . Im coming from Maryland so im working on getting transportation etc


@dinokc can’t go and just cancelled her hotel reservation if you need one. Details are on the Rose Doll Show 2019 thread.


@izzy had a ticket for sale the other day i think.


You can buy entry tickets at the door, right?