Rose Doll Show Questions


Was it you who posted his name? Thank you! it was a life saver!


It was I hope it didn’t get him in trouble. I rented a car this time I wish I could find a riding partner.


Just got an INCREDIBLE DEAL on! It’s going to only cost $230 for all three nights(July 11th-July 14th) for this room at an house within a 12 minute walk of the convention center! I am so glad I was looking on tonight :smiley:


Yay @ShawnP I expect lots of pics!


Absolutely! I had hope it would work out somehow


Yay for you!! That’s perfect.


Wow! What a start to the show! We used Express Shuttle last year and it was great. Are you going this year Christi? I am taking the ethnic painting class and staying at La Quinta with Alyce who is taking the beginners rooting class and hair painting.


I keep thinking I’m going but I haven’t booked anything. I’m waiting for that “wild hair” moment where I book it, then I have to go :joy: I’ll let you know if I do. Y’all have FUN!!


Great deal


I jumped in and booked everything so now I have to go. I’m one that puts everyone and thing ahead of what I want so now it’s done I can’t back out.


Update! I have bought my plane tickets thanks to birthday money and selling my Easton & Cherish. I Will be getting into SLC on Wednesday the 10th around 11am and leaving very late Saturday! I’m super excited and my tickets were only $350 round trip!!!


Congratulations Shawn, don’t forget a nametag!! We will see you there!!


@babymaw, Karen where are you staying? Be sure to wear a nametag with your forum name, forum association and your name so we can recognize you. Hope to meet you there!! Will this be your first ROSE show?


She was there 2 years ago. She was at my table and I didnt even know! LOL


That’s what I mean, we miss so many people, it’s a real shame cause some times it’s the only time someone gets to attend. This is my last time (for sure this year), my mom is 93 now and I’m not comfortable leaving her even though she is healthy, you just never know.


I will be staying at the Best western a few building over. This is my second Rose show to attend. Look forward to meeting you. I’m going to try to wear a name tag this time. Look forward to seeing you again Jenni.


If you don’t want to make a nametag with a lanyard you can always get those ‘stick on kind’ that’s what I used last year. You know the kind that says something like: “Hello, My Name Is:” or ?? Just stick it on your shirt. Just make sure to put your Forum (BB forum) and your forum name (babymaw plus your real name) that way it catches our eye!! Can’t wait to meet you.


I’m curious about the people that sell there. Do they all drive? I can not figure out how anyone that had to fly would manage all of the dolls.


I fly and I ship my dolls ahead. I did decide last minute to take and sell take 4 more in my carry on last year, plus one in my arms that was my personal baby and it was very difficult going through security with that many. Took a long time getting them scanned and then back in the bags and running to my flight. Not doing that again. If they don’t get shipped, they don’t go, except my personal baby.


This was exactly my fear. And no way I would check them either. You should see what they did to my daughter’s car seat!

Shipping one baby is expensive. I shudder to think of what shipping a box full of them would cost. I think I would ship parts a day earlier and find a way to assemble them there.