ROSE 2019 Nametags

Ladies, I know most of you know this already but-----Please wear a nametag containing your name, your forum name and the forum you are associated with. If you don’t have a nametag we won’t recognize you and that’s sad when we get home and realize we didn’t get to meet you all!! Sorry for repeating this AGAIN but I just hate to NOT get to meet folk!!


Less than a month now! I’ll see you then.


You Betcha!!

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So excited for everyone and me to see pics!

Is there any way we can all see the babies every one is painting just for the show? Been so curious lately, I remember last getting to see some, it was exciting since I knew I would probably never get to go to one!

Here’s a few of mine so far!! I signed up late so I’ve got so much to do lol


Wow! Amazing realistic babies! I bet in person they are even more beautiful. How many more do you hope to bring?

Hoping to have 10 altogether! lol

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Oh I wish I could come!! I am trying to come next year, but it depends on when it is. It needs to be the week it is this year because last time it was my first week of school.

They posted some where it would be in June next year because the building was going to be remodeled or something in July. Hope you can go.


I can’t go this year (sister had heart surgery that the wound got infected) but I hope everyone has a great time and that I get to join in next year. :smile:

This is copied from the home page of the ROSE website

2020 Show Date!
Davis Conference Center (DCC)
June 24th - 27th
(NOTE: For the 2020 show a June show date is necessary because DCC is undergoing remodeling/construction and not available for booking for an undetermined number of weeks beginning in July 2020)

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Thank you so much for telling me! I can’t wait!

Are y’all taking a stroller? I half want to take mine but on the other hand I want to be able to zip in and out of booths without causing a traffic jam

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That’s how I’m feeling too :grimacing: I can’t decide.

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Maybe I could take it but not use it day 1 of the show. Day 1 for zooming in and out. Day 2 for stroller play :smile: (and maybe with a new doll to wheel around)

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There’s an idea! I might steal that plan :wink:

If you are flying to the ROSE show most airlines charge a baggage charge for a stroller both ways. If you have a ‘child’ then strollers fly free but NOT for a doll (unless they don’t catch it). Beware.