I am finding out that I really don’t like rooting. I have the hardest time forcing myself to do it. I was wondering if anyone here does custom rooting or knows of someone that does it (without charging an arm or leg). I expect to pay - but some charge a LOT of $$ and I would never be able to recoup that. I would give acknowledgment (on ebay, on my website with a link to them and also on the adoption care sheet that goes home) to the person that does the work. I don’t have any right now - but would probably be more apt to do more babies if I knew that I didn’t have to do the hair!!! If you are interested - please let me know pricing (with and without mohair) and some examples of your rooting. Thanks in advance for anyone looking to earn a little extra doing something you don’t mind doing.

Rooting is my least favorite part of the reborning process too!

I am interested in someone to root a baby or 2. thanks, rosemarie

I also do custom rooting if anyone else needs rooting done.

Rooting is the most tedius part of reborning and if I offered it I would charge alot because it is so tedius and often the rooting will make or break the whole doll.

I hate rooting and have to force myself through it too! LOL so more power to those of you who do it because you enjoy it! LOL

I enjoy rooting! It’s my favorite part. I am still learning though so wouldn’t want to chance rooting someone elses doll. I do a decent job and got the swirl down but I am still working on the hair cutting and the hairline in front of the ears and the forehead.

Thanks! =]

I used to enjoy rooting also but that was when I rooted like I was using a pitchfork.
Now I do 1-2 hairs also so it is a lot harder and more tedious.

I have one of Christines babies and I can attest that her rooting is sublime.