Hi Ladies,

I’m fairly new to Reborning. Working on my second baby. I love these babies. I’m working on Kinsey from BB. I really need some HELP !!! My rooting is something to be desired! I’d like to do micro-rooting. I know it’s a lot of work that’s o.k. I have the patience for it. Could anyone give me some advise or where I might go to get some. I’d love to find some good books with great illstations (don’t think I spelled that right) Or maybe a online class. I’m from UpState New York and I was hoping to find a class but seems like not to many have the reborn bug in this area! I do have to tell all you ladies I’ve been looking at the showcase and you ladies are very talented. I hope to be as half as good one day. Any advise you ladies could give me would be great! Thank-you have a good day!

hey girlfriend…welcome to the wonderful world of reborning…

I think there might be a couple of tutorials on here in the tutorial section…at least there used to be…

I belong to a free forum at and we have alot of different reborning tutorials,and lots of wonderful ladies who will answer any questions you might have…

we also offer online classes for painting, but they include step by step instructions with videos and pictures…they include painting, eye, rooting, and just about anything else you need to complete your baby

we would love to have you join us…the forum and tutorials are completely free…and you don’t have to sign up for the classes to be a part of the forum…

also, I believe Christine of christineskeepsake babies ( … /index.htm) offers a rooting tutorial…

and also Danielle Carr (
has a rooting tutorial

Lara ( offers online courses also, and she covers rooting in her classes too…I’ve heard really good things about her classes

good luck with whatever you decide

Here is my tutorial. It is listed on this board and on some others. It is free, and hopefully will help you get started.

Thank you so much for mentioning my Rooting Tutorial, Carolyn!