Rooting with a German Needle

When I use a German needle it leaves lots of little holes in my baby’s head. I have tried using my blow dryer to shrink the holes, but it does not help. The big problem is when I glue the hair in it seeps through the holes. Does any one have any advice?

The same happens to me. It’s my first time rooting and I’m doing two heads at once.

I’ve been going over the rooting with the heat gun. I go all over the head for about 2 to 3 minutes. It seems to help, but I can’t say it’s MUCH better.

At least for me, the problem is that when I catch just one or two hairs at a time, I think it doesn’t look good and for some reason my brain believes I have to shove more hair into the hole. Hence, plugs and big holes.

But even when I force myself to accept one or two strands in a hole, I can still see the hole very clearly.

I will keep using the heat gun till it look acceptable, even if I get a melted head!

when my head is done,i put lots of moisturizer on the hair and wrap it in a damp cloth and heat it in the oven for 5 to 8 minutes…seems to help shrink those holes.,…

Where did you get your needles? I got some once from Bloomers and bows and they did that and when I got some from here on BB they work great!

What gauge needle do you use? I have a lot of trouble with holes showing also. I use a 40 G…from BB. What does that mean? The higher the gauge the thinner the needle? I am new to this and want to root one of those wispy haired ones. They look so real. I have a lot to learn, but will not give up.

I am using BB German needles - item number 2844 - 42-Gauge. The holes a not big, but big enough for the glue to seep through.

I have never had trouble with glue seepage. What kind of glue do you use. Is it real watery ?

I use “The Ultimate” glue.

I have never tried that. I use E-6000, but am going to change. It takes so much of it and it stinks… I just can’t see why your glue seeps through the holes unless the vinyl head is thin. I sure hope you can get an answer to your problem as it can be so frustrating when you have these problems. I am having the big holes too, but no seepage. I am going to try a fifferent size. I heard that you should use less barbs, too. I use the 6 barb .So its a game of do and learn, I guess.My cousin uses a 1 barb 40 G. and she has beautiful hair on her dolls… Good luck…Barb

I use to use E 6000, but I switched to Ultimate, it smells better. I have also used Modge Podge, it takes longer to dry.

there are a lot of glues out there and each person prefers their own . But you really need one that is going to hold. Thats why I like the E-6000, but I have to cut the tube open and scrape the insides out to get enough for a couple coats…its not that expensive, but its powerful strong…and takes a lot. I have never tried mod podge. I did read on here somewhere that it was good, but you have to put a fan on it to get it to dry in good time…maybe somewhere there is THE one. We must keep looking. Maybe you need to just put a small amount on , let it dry , then do over , to keep it from seeping. I use a small rubber spatula to put mine on and its great…it bends and gets up into the head good.

this is the best head I have done…shes on ebay now, not doing so good.

I also use The Ultimate Glue. It is made for vinyl and doesn’t stink at all. I used to use E-6000 but the smell bothered me. After I put it in the head, I let it sit for about 30 minutes and then I place it over my air registers and let the air blow up inside the head. Dries it really good.

I had problems with the german needles taking a chunk out of the vinyl. I did not care for what it looked like. I got mine from Nikki Doll’s when she was still in the USA. I now use a 42g one barb needles and love the look I get with them.


Hi Gina,
Where do you get the Ultimate Glue? And also is the one barb needle very hard for a beginner to use? I have made almost 5 dolls and am doing ok, but hair needs help. Where do you get your needles now?

I buy my Ultimate Glue at WalMart.