Rooting Toddler


How much mohair would I need to root a small toddler?


It would depend on how long and how thick you want it.


Medium long and fairly thick? Would one ounce do it?


Which toddler are we talking about? How long is the mohair?


Here is a helpful video I found on rooting toddlers…this is with human hair but she tells you the length you need for long hair. I know there is another couple videos on this baby that she shows how to do the crown and also goes over types of hair to use and lengths.

Here is one with mohair as well…I like to watch her :slight_smile:


When I did my first toddler a couple of weeks ago, I used 16" human hair.


I have used as much as 4 ounces on some of the big heads.


Thank you for the links. I like to watch her too. She’s a nut :slight_smile:


This hair is beautiful! How many ounces and how much time did it take?


Yikes. I hope it doesn’t take that much for mine. At my skill level the hair would be worth way more than the doll! Lol


Yes she is…I could definitely hang out with her :wink:


Yeah. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously which is great.


I loved how this one came out! She is cute and her hair is amazing. How long did it take you to root her?


I think I’d get a wig.


I think I might just get a haircut. It’s the only option that seems affordable!


It took me about a week, Few hours here and there.


That gives me something to work toward:) I can’t believe you accomplished all that in a week! It’s very, very pretty. I bet her Mommy loves it!