Rooting many problems


I’m desperately in need of some help. :flushed: I’m working on an kit and the vinyl is pretty hard so i used a rice sock. That worked well I thought, but when I checked the hair I had rooted, most of it wasn’t really in the vinyl. It just fell back out. :frowning:

So, I remembered reading here several times that’s a thin layer of glue in the head would help. I’ve never done that because I was afraid the glue would be pulled through with the needle, but I’m desperate so I gave it a try.

I let the glue dry with a fan blowing in the head for around 24 hours and tried the next day. First, the rice sock got glued inside the head. :roll_eyes: I thought maybe the warmth of the sock made the glue sticky again so I worked the sock out of the head and let it dry for a couple more days.

Now when I try to root the head the needle pulls out little hard balls of glue that I have to pick out of the hair. I’m just at a loss. This is a custom order that I’m already running behind on because my father was very sick and recently passed away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


You don’t glue the hair until it is all in. What you may have been looking for is the hair on the inside of the doll’s head. When rooted, you can see it on the inside of the head. Then, when it is all completed, you can glue the hair then. If the needle doesn’t catch the hair and take it far enough in to the vinyl head, it will not be glued and therefore will not be stable. There is a way to get all the glue and such out and start over. I am not that good at this to try to explain it, but I have seen tutorials on how to remove the glue and hair to re-root a head. I hope this helps you some.


It depends on what type of glue you are using. You can easily root through Modpodge, I do it all the time. It does take a couple days to dry though. Some glues you can not root through and you might need to remove.

@Jacelyn5440 her hair was falling out so its why she put the glue inside the head first, to help hold in the hair as she roots.


I’m using Gemtac glue. I wonder if I should just try to remove the glue. Anyone have any thoughts on how to do that?


I understand, Lil. I was just suggesting that possibly the hair was not going through the head as she rooted. A professional reborner said once in a tutorial that she did a whole head and then realized the needle was not going in far enough to even be glued. She was not happy, but had to start over. Just wanted to suggest that so she could check to see if it actually was going in long enough on the inside to hold it.


Id try some acetone and see if that brings it up…just make sure you wash it with soap afterwards.