Rooting Needle Suggestions Please


I have ordered this mohair:

I’ve rooted 5 babies so far with okay results, but I can’t remember what type of needles I used. I’ve also read that different needles work better with different types of mohair. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try with this mohair?


I use a 42 G Forked. But a lot of people don’t like them.


Everyone has their own preference, but for that hair I’d use a 42 or 43g crown (three barbs). Unless I’m going for really thick hair, I typically root by isolating one hair from the cut end and punching it in.

Anything bigger than 42g tends to leave visible holes in the vinyl for me. (Smaller number = bigger diameter)

Oh! I actually really like these new needles I got called “notched” needles. They have three barbs, but they are staggered along the end rather than all at the tip like crown.


What is the advange of those needles ?
I really like 42G single barb, and looking for 43G or 46G single barb with no success .


It seems like it’s more likely to grab my one lil’ hair with the technique I use. If one barb misses, the next one up gets it. But…maybe that’s just in my head…? :smile:


Follow-up question: When rooting a newborn, how long do you cut the mohair to start out? I want to do wispy sparse hair. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!


I cut about 4 inches. It gives me some room to cut, as I am not good for that !


Following :slight_smile: