Rooting needle infographic


I use the pink heavenly illusions needle for everything


I use a 42 forked needle for hair and eyelashes on a sleeping baby. I use applied on awake ones because I’m bad at rooting them and I don’t want to ruin any kits


I think my fave notched needles are the same as those? But I’m not 100% sure.

@MilosMeadows, I admire your forked needle rooting skills! I agree that rooting open eyes is terrifying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like the forked because they’re hard to break :rofl: And I don’t find them hard to use or anything lol I just bought a ton of them over a year ago (3 packs from Macpherson’s so 30 needles) and I’m still not even close to running out


Do the pink needles break easy? I ordered about 8 needles from a place that were recommended for rooting lashes, and they would break easier after using them on three or four dolls.


Pink needles are the best for eyelashes. I use forked on heads😀


I break my pink needles often. Lol That’s why I only use them for lashes and the hairline now. Lol


Personally I do not root harder heads, always use the pink ones and some needles break fast, some last for 3 whole heads…
I root with the neck hole away from me and the needle tip toward me.


Nikki, do the pink ones break less often if just used for lashes?


I started rooting Mick and he’s got a harder head. I wish I had painted his hair but it’s too late now :grimacing:


Ugh. Do you have a salt lamp thingy? lol


Lol I think I do however we moved in oct and I still don’t know where everything is :scream:. I tried a heating pad but it’s not that good even though it gets pretty hot. I guess he will just need to keep
going in the oven for a bit. My rice sock seeped rice and I had to clean up that mess lol.


Yes!!! Because lashes take less pokes… lmao!!!


Thank you! :smiley: Now, where is the best place to get the pink ones?


I grab mine from Macphersons (or Jacky K at ROSE)