Rooting map help please

Hi to everyone,

Firstly, I hope you are all keeping safe.
Like everyone else, I am spending the foreseeable few weeks indoors, so I thought it would be a good time to practice my rooting skills!

I have looked at rooting maps but find them really confusing!
Maps with arrows - Are you meant to put the needle in the direction of the arrow, or is that the way the hair is meant to lie?

Maps without arrows - I have absolutely no clue which way I am meant to be pointing the needle or rooting. Do I go upwards, downwards or sideways etc!

I appreciate I may be being super stupid but it really isn’t obvious to me. I have watched a number of videos but I have never yet found one that explains this. I am OK with the back of the head (sort of), but just have no clue how to root the front or sides.

I would be so grateful for any help or if there is a tutorial that really explains this.

Stay safe, enjoy the small things and moments.


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Think of the way hair naturally lies, that’s how you want to hold your needle.

The arrows show which way you want to root the hair. You want to always hold your needle at an angle if you want it to lay flat…if you want spiky hair you can angle it upwards a bit.

You point the needle in the direction of the top of the arrows.

@pia had a tutorial that might help you.

Thank you all for your help.:blush:

"Reborn With Me’ tutorial on Youtube has a very detailed instructions on mapping and rooting.