Rooting holes in forehead can I hide them?


Hello I’m jenny i have been reading you ladies for a while now and I’m on my 2nd reborn doll. I personally got into reborning because it just feels like I was meant to do it it feels me with excitement, it relaxes me and well I love it. How ever just because I really like it doesn’t make me an expert :confounded:
** my question
HOw can I hide or fill holes on my reborn doll’s forehead? I guess I got carried away and didn’t realize that babies hair doesn’t grow that far out … is there any way I can patch them up or cover them? Make them close up?


I don’t know but I have a low forehead so it looked right to me. My hair goes down pretty low but I seem to root too high. My Mother had a high forehead so I think it is a matter of preference.


Use a finer needle with only 1 barb to get less hair in. Hopefully only one hair per root. It seems to look better. I don’t think there is anything you can do. Just chalk it up to a learning doll. That’s what I did when my first rooting job looked hideous. Now I use that first doll for all my experiments.


Here is what hat I would do (no guarantee it’s gonna work)

First:. Get all the hair out of the holes.
Some people use Nair
Some tweeze it out from the inside…
But whatever you do make sure you get ALL the hair out.

Second: fill with boiling water to tighten the holes.

Now make an assessment…

Maybe a layer of matt varnish will help, and then a layer of flesh and some blushing?

I haven’t tried it. It’s just what I would try


Looks like you already pulled all the unwanted hair out? have you sealed the hair from inside? If not, seal it (providing you do not want any more removed) and only then deal with the holes. Take warm soapy water and wash the forehead, or you can shampoo the hair; that should wash out the dark spots in the holes. Then wrap the hair in piece of cloth, put the head into an oven and heat it up for few minutes. Hopefully that will tighten the holes as much as possible. I would not be putting any water inside or use hair removal products. That would very likely damage the hair you want to keep.


That could be very helpful. The water might shrink the vinyl. I have tried before but to no avail. Maybe paint some hair over it, re-root with some finer hairs at an angle or some bangs. Or just use it as a sample doll for testing. Once you ruin it, it’s so hard to fix. Rooting over it would be my thought with very fine hairs at an angle.


maybe one of the air dry varnishes? Like the DecoArt Soft Touch it might seal the holes.


Thank you for all your advice. I did put it in the oven but didn’t help much. I posted her for sale and it looks like someone might get her like that so I’m just going to leave it. Again thanks so very much.


Great and helpful info Ladies!!!