Rooting help needed!


Here’s what I’m going for and here’s where I am. :tired_face:


I don’t know that you are doing anything wrong, the first pic looks like either a real baby or a doll done with a much finer, straight mohair… maybe suri alpaca in darkest brown would give you the look you are trying for. use the finest needle you are comfortable with and a dark straight finest hair… BOL :slight_smile:


I should have posted the pic before I started. I’m using the only hair I have which is Slumberland. I have 4 different needles and can only grab hit with 2 of them and I get anywhere from 0-6 hairs. Lol I’m at a loss for how these artists do the fine hair on the face and forehead.


I like the heavenly illusions pink needles from Macphearsons… if you are in USA and you pm me happy to gift you a couple to try… that might help, but if your hair is not fine enough, and straight enough,I don’t think you will get that look



Ok. I’m so sad. :sob: And thank you for your offer. I’m am in the US.


I think you need darker mohair if you’re trying to match the picture. If the hair color doesn’t matter, I’d say you need to root it thicker. Sometimes the very fine hairs on the face and forehead are painted, not rooted.


I knew the color would be off but I was hoping for the style. Oh well. :woman_shrugging:t3: We’ll see what I get. :two_hearts:


I think he’s looking great!! I paint hair because I’m too chicken to root a head. But I’m rooting eyelashes so getting a bit of a hang of it that way. :rofl: I would just keep filling it in if you’re wanting it as thick as the other baby…btw…hwo did you do the picture in picture? lol


If you want it densely rooted, you have to root much closer together and root more than one hair in each hole in areas where it is not noticeable = do one hair around the outside lines, but more once you go further in. Going back and trying to make the hair thicker is very difficult and you can never get the same result as if you do it thickly the 1st time. Just learn from your work and do it differently the next time.


Thank you! :two_hearts: And I was just holding the pic (of my daughter) next to the head when I took the pic I posted.


Thank you! :two_hearts: I was tweezing the hairs out so there would only be one or two per hole. :woman_facepalming:t3:


She’s a beautiful baby!! You’re blessed :slight_smile:


This is where am at. Still needs lashes trimmed and I haven’t glossed her lips yet.


Now that is one adorable reborn!! I think you did a fantastic job!! I am so chicken to try rooting a head!! Lol. :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Thank you! :two_hearts: