Rooting hair

Hi, I am going to try rooting some hair on the baby i am working on now and was wondering what Needles to buy.I was thinking of buying these ones #4481 - Five Pre-Cut 42 Gauge REGULAR Felting Needles.Are these the ones I should get? Thanks, Patty

Those I believe have 6 barbs. You will end up with huge plugs.

I recommend 42 or 43g 1 barb needles. You will only pick up one or two hairs at a time, so no plugs. Most of the veteran rooters seem to use a 42g forked needle, meaning there are no barbs at all, just a kind of hook thing on the point of the needle. I have not had any luck with them because you can only position them ONE way to get hair in.

If you think you can’t use a 1 barb then get a crown needle. They have 3 barbs around the tip like a crown. You will get some plugs with these but nothing like you would get with 6 barbs.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much Joy! I will look for the other needles.

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Hi! I posted this a while ago for another member:

I get all dizzy when purchasing needles; one barb, two barb, three barbs, four! Forked, not forked. Because I require so much guidance and hand holding, I have been purchasing my needles from Hunny Buns Dolls and Reborn Supplies. Check out this package which offers a variety of rooting needles:
You will get 3 each of these TEN different rooting needles:
38 Crown
40 Crown
38g with 1 Barb
38g with 6 Barbs
40g with 6 Barbs
42g with 6 Barbs
42g Ultra Fine (3 barb)
43g UltraFine (1 barb)
42g German Forked
43g German Forked

They are uncut, but that is my preference now. I don’t use a rooting tool anymore, I just hold the needle. But, if you use the cut needles, you will need the tool to cut them; those needles must be made out of the strongest stuff know to man! Before I purchased the tool, I thought that my He-Man husband and a strong wire cutter was all I needed. Nope. I injured the pride on one, and rendered the other useless. (one other personal note, when I order my needles, I order a minimum of 24. One needle can last and last, and then other times, I go through them like popcorn!)

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Popcorn! Isn’t that the truth - I do the same thing!

Thank you ladies

I buy these 42g ultra rooting needle
They have 3 barbs and work really well for micro rooting

you can easily use uncut needles with this felting tool … prd602672/
it works great and I don’t break as many needles as I used to. I love the 42 or 43g one barb. Even with one barb you will still have some plugs, you just need to pluck the extra hair out.
when you root with one barb make sure the barb is aimed down against the head so the barb grabs hair as it goes through the vinyl.

i stick to 42g crown needle and make sure to grab only one or two hairs at a time … its all about personal pref

Thanks ladies