Rooting Hair-What's the Problem?

i agree with you diane i much prefer the feel of the hair on a reborn baby,while the painted if done well looks good it certainly doesn’t beat the feel of the mohair and the fact that with the mohair you can have different styles as wel as bunches,ponytails and lovely curls, this is just not gonna happen with the painted.

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Ladies, I’m new to the forum and to reborning. I’ve rooted 3 dolls and my problem is way too much hair. I just keep going and going and filling in every little space because I’m afraid it will look bald. So, how do you know when to stop or how far apart do you root each hair?

Thanks for any advice!

I haven’t made up my mind 100%, but I believe that, even though some artists can paint hair that looks just PERFECT (in pictures at least), others are still struggling to make it look good at all.

And, yes, the feel of actual hair (well, MOhair) makes a huge difference!

Now on the painted-hair defense, I have never seen a painted-hair baby “in person”. Still, I tend to imagine they don’t look as perfect as they do in the pictures. There’s just something missing…

JMO, of course.

I’ve only rooted two dolls but here is what I did to keep the head still. I used a lap desk that has a hard board on the bottom and a fabric top filled with beans - like a bean bag chair. I turned it upside down. The beans held the head in place quite well, although for a while I used a rice sock to keep it in place too.

The lap desk was put on a pillow(or a few towels) and board part was slick enough so that it wanted to slide around. I then put two of those rubbery things that you use to help get the lids off of jars - they are to improve your grip. Or you could use the drawer liners that are rubbery mesh looking. A wet washcloth may work too - but dry it out each night so it doesn’t mildew. In fact I would use a new clean one each day.

After a while I added a quilted place mat on top so I could wash it to get the stray hairs off.

If you don’t have a desktop like mine I would put some plastic beads or packing peanuts in a pillow case and then you probably won’t need the rubbery things. Of course if you have an old bean bag chair you might be able to either use it or steal some of the ‘beans’. You may need to break up the packing peanuts some.

Below is the desk top the way I write on it - so you can recognize it in the store and the rubbery grip things.

Here is one of the lap desks on Ebay. I search lap desk beans and clicked on Include Title and Description and choose lowest price. … 3a53f934ed

I love painting hair… Probably because I go for more the newborn/prem babies, and it’s hard to get such a sparse tiny amount of hair while rooting. It bugs me when I see a little prem baby, with a full head of thick long hair.

Im about to try using water color pencils instead of painting, so that will be interesting!

I just got done rooting a doll and it does not meet my satisfaction like the first two did. It’s not thick, and has too many holes where I tried filling it in. Is there anything a person can do besides put a wig on? I"ve noticed most of them have a clear cap, which would be a problem since I’ve already rooted it.

I’m sooooooo not good at rooting, but I have to have hair on my babies The painted look even tho nice is just not for me.

Hi Diane!

I have now done about 10 babies, so am starting to get a better hang of rooting, but my problem seems to be that I don’t get the hair in the barb and therefore, when I push the needle into the scalp, it comes out with an empty hole. I know part of my problem is my eyesight…Yikes! I try dragging the hair over to where I want to put it and then going into the scalp and it has improved, but even though I successfully can root with BB 38g *(although too many broken needles) I could not use their “ultra” needles…don’t know why? I finally switched to 40g from Tinkerbell’s and seem to have good luck with those…Any suggestions you can throw my way are always appreciated! Thanks!


I personally would not paint the whole head–maybe just the fuzz around the hairline. Painted hair does not have the realism that rooting does. The tactile sensation is not there when you rub your hand across the head. I think painting is a step backwards in the quest for realism but it can look nice on a play baby.

I have seen some painted hair on babies that looks better and more realistic than rooting. If the painted hair is done really well it beats having to try keeping the baby’s hair styled nicely.

What is considered ok for rooting holes to be visible - size & amount. I just did my second reborn, and the hair is thin (as per a photo used) and the rooting holes are visible - I am too hard on my own work, but I want it to look right. Are there photos available to see appropriate visible holes? I put 1 - 4 hairs per root.

Are you meaning holes from the needle or that the hair looks pluggy?

I am VERY new at this, I am seeing the needle holes. I use a 38 needle, and even at that, I break alot. On this second doll, I have been pulling a few hairs out to make the hole not as dark. I hope I am making sense!!!

I sent you a PM.