Rooting for beginners


I feel so confused on how to root . Does any one know or have a very simple but informative rooting video? I’ve got that you have to map and start and the crown but then I’m just lost from there . I’ve got two babies to do before Xmas and now ready to root ! My nuwave oven is working amazing !!! Totally the best thing to have for baking . Thanks so much


Customdollbaby on YouTube has awesome tutorials on most everything you need to know about reborning from start to finish.Check Kim out,she is easy to follow.


@Olivia2 if your dolls will be for children’s ( girls ) you may consider painted hair to save time and be ready for Christmas . Rooting takes hours and not to much time left until Christmas .


Painting hair takes hours, too. Not quite as many but a lot. Bald is beautiful with hats and bows. I don’t heat my heads for rooting. I fill them with poly pellets up to the bottom of the neck flange and pack them tightly with paper towels. This prevents the vinyl from ‘giving’ and you’ll break fewer needles. I always start in the back at the bottom and work my way around and up and end with the crown. Otherwise, for me, the hair above it gets in the way. I also cover the first round by pulling a slice of a knee high stocking over it (from the top of the head) before moving up to the next section. It keeps the hair from matting and tangling while I work. Then I slide it off over the neck and put it back on over each round. In time, you’ll find what works best for you but right now you don’t have a lot of time for trial and error.


These Videos are great ! 45 minutes so far!! I’m having so much fun !! ROoting is fun!!! I’m a hairdresser so this is right down my lane . Not sure if this correct or perfect but I’m satisfied so far


Looks like you are doing great ! Yes,Kim is awesome to follow in her videos.All beginners should follow her in my opinion.Just a hint,if the hair you are using is much longer than you intend to leave it,you can cut it before rooting and use shorter pieces to make it last longer.Just be sure to keep the cut end in the same direction so you root from the correct end of the hair.I usually use about 3 inch pieces to root and I hate rooting.Allergies kill me around the mohair but sometimes I slap a mask on and do it anyways.


To get this look so I just cut the hair really short ?


I can not tell for sure but that may be painted hair.But since you are rooting yours just cut and style as short as you want it.Beware that if you cut too short ,it may not lay down.