Rooting DVD

Hi ladies!

Has anyone seen the Real effect rooting DVD? I think it is new and I was wondering if I should spend the $29.99 price on it or not…Just wondering if any of you might have any feedback on it. Thanks!

Joyful Sounds Nursery

I have the DVD and was disappointed that it just doesn’t give a lot info. At least not anything that I didn’t already know.

There is a lady that used to be on this forum that sells a rooting tutorial on It is pdf rather than dvd for $10.50. Her forum name was gogirlusa. A lot of people said that it was very good, although I’ve never seen it. I’m not sure where she is now, but here is a link to her etsy shop. … g+tutorial

Thank you so much for mentioning my Rooting Tutorial, Natalie I do still sell these on my Etsy shop, or you can contact me and purchase directly from me if you’d like also have painting tutorials and a tutu tutorial

Who can say “tutu tutorial” 10 times? That’s a mouth full!