Rooting curly biracial baby


She is a portrait baby. Here is a picture of baby and dad. Her mom is white…

Here is what I have so far. It took me forever to get to this point. I really don’t want to mess her up :grimacing:


Looking great so far! That baby is so sweet!


She is such a cutie and what a great match. Looks good to me so far. What kit is that, it’s adorable and spot on?


Thanks! The kit is Adeline by Ping Lau.


Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for next steps? I am kinda stuck.


After showing her to the customer, she wants her lighter and less mottled. How do I go about lightening this skin tone and covering the mottlling. I really do not want to strip her and start over.


She looks a little orange to me.
I’d try some blue/lavendar washes with a little flesh mixed in to lighten.


Thank you :slight_smile: I will do that once school lets out and I am back in the studio. I am so happy that meetings are cancelled this week (last week of school). I am so stressed about this baby :frowning: I will never take a custom paint job again. From now on, it is partial custom or ready-made only.


That’s why I have not taken customs. Too much pressure and I work full time. Reborning is my therapy, past time and love, I don’t want to start hating it because of pressure


I would do a thicker layer of brown with a touch of blue in it to get the color of the real baby. The dolls looks lighter and this layer will cover up some of the mottling.


I would do that if it were my doll, but I showed her to the customer and she wants her lighter. I personally think that the baby is close to the average of all of the pictures (minus the orange), but it is not what the customer wants, so…yeah.


Do you have earth mint? That might make a good few washes to lighten and tone the orange


I do have earth mint. Would it or a periwinkle blue be better?


either would be good for toning down the orange. i feel like earth mint might be better for lightening her up just because it’s a lighter color. But I’d like to hear others’ opinions on it too. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your suggestions! I ended up doing one layer of Earth mint and a second layer with a little ultramarine blue mixed in to create a sky blue. Grandmama is happy with the results :smile:


Beautiful skin tone!


Much better!


Worked like a charm, I need to note that color correction, lol. I also need to get earth mint I suppose. Is there a recipe to make it from other colors?


There is. I do believe that you start with white and add ultramarie blue little by little until you get a sky blue color. Then you add a tiny bit of yellow until it is the right shade. For $4, I would rather just buy it and be done with it. I just bought it recently and it is a game changer for me. I don’t know how I ever did without it and phthalo green 06.


Yes, I need to add it to my collection so I can be sure to get the right shade