Rooting Bindi..HELP!

the head went well and it is looking really cute…but how do you stablize the limbs to root? do you stuff them first?

OK…I just dove right in…this is what I did. I took a piece of a nylon knee high…filled it loosley with flax seed. (tied each end with string so as not to have a large knot) heated in micro about 30 sec…then stuffed it in…worked great!

I think Denise warned about the needle going all the way through…that was what I was concerned about…so the flax seed sock stopped that…and the limbs did not collapse when I pushed the needle in so it went really fast!

here is my grandaughters Birthday monkey baby! I did her like a baby orang I saw online but I used lighter colors…I just really love her!!! I know Mati will too!

HERE ARE MORE (didn’t want to resize them all) … di002r.jpg … di001r.jpg

thank you Joan!