Rooting Arianna (updated with picture)

Aww! I have one & she does have a HUGE head! Good luck! You should log how many hours it takes. ;0)

I can certainly sympathise with you I am doing one right now. Not only is it taking me forever I’m praying I won’t run out of hair.

Yikes. How much hair do you think her head takes?

I’m about to start on my second Arianna, so I have another HUGE head to root too. lol

Takes me long enough to root a newborn head. I don’t think I will be doing any toddlers anytime soon. I feel for you ladies.


You are scaring me I am getting ready root one too
I am just so excited to get her done though
I bought 1.5 oz so that should surely be enough, I hope

I’ve just finished my second Arianna, and the rooting was time consuming. She’s a gorgeous sculpt though, so it’s worth it in the end (I hope).

Yeah, her head is huge and the rooting takes forever!! I wasn’t sure if I would ever get done but eventually you do and it’s SO worth it. She makes such a pretty toddler. I’ve done 3 and am about to start #4 so apparently I like the misery! LOL

She is beautful, Brenda!!


She looks great!! And only 20 hours!! Shoot, I spend way more than that on a little newborn head. I say you rocked it!

Wow, I love her eyes. =]

All these Arianna’s! Oh my! I love them. I wish I could buy them all. I want to make mine but I’m not ready! I have to practice on more babies first. Patience…not really my thing.
They are all gorgeous ladies! I bow to your skills.