Rooting a African American toddler?


I was thinking about reborning a African American reborn toddler and rooting it. Is the process different from rooting a newborn head? Does it have to be directionally rooted because older African American babies don’t have the swirl.?


I don’t root swirls on toddlers with long hair. The weight of the hair pulls it down so it’s not in a clear swirl pattern. My 4 yr old niece has no visible swirl because her hair is long, my 5 yr old,3 yr old and 1yr old nephews all have visible swirls because their hair is short.


Not every baby has a swirl and some have 2. I think it would be hard to swirl an AA baby if you are going with curly hair. I have done some AA newborns with straight hair and you could do a swirl if you wanted but with a Toddler probably no swirl would be best…


Ok thanks!:+1: :grinning: